Chuck Greve

Class of 2009

Network Engineer

I never ended up graduating from LPO, but I feel like that school had more of an impact on me and my life than any other school I attended. Even if I was a little bastard, LPO instilled strong morals in me that have kept me on the right track to be a successful member of society. Hope all is going well with you!

Currently I am working as a SR. Network Engineer at an internet ISP(Internet Service Provider) called Intermax in CDA. I started this career 7 years ago making ~12/hr, and have worked my way into a 6 figure salary in that time. I took 2 years of schooling at a technical college for computer networking. My daily work consists of programming/software development, configuring and managing switches and routers for our core infrastructure, and doing everything I can to provide an excellent internet experience for the people of North Idaho. As far as family goes I have 3 daughters – ages 12, 5, and 3, as well as an amazing wife.