Raymond DePhilippis

Class of 2016

DOT officer and fire instructor

I am a devoted husband and a dedicated father, after leaving LPO I knew I wanted a family. I met Macee our senior year and we started a family together 2 years later. I worked as a cook in the restaurants of Sandpoint. My wife pushed me everyday to find something I enjoyed. I was able to get on the fire department in Ponderay, I was pushed every day to my maximum mental and physical strength. After about two years as a firefighter I wanted to do more in the first responder world so I became an Idaho Department of Transportation Port of Entry Inspector. My job included inspecting commercial vehicles, regulating and enforcing Idaho and federal standards, my job as a port of entry DOT inspector is to keep all state and federal highways safe for everyone traveling through. After 14 months of being an inspector, I became the program specialist for the port of entry through the whole state of Idaho, I now help write and enforce the laws through the state involving commercial vehicles, my duties go on and on but the sweet short story of my job is to ensure the saftey of the federal and state highways.