Lake Pend Oreille Women of Science

Calista Needham

Have you ever wonder what if would feel like to be a scientist? On the 3rd of October, Brenda, our science teacher, picked specific girls to go to University of Idaho in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to work in labs. They did different activities with some schools like Sandpoint High School, Bonners Ferry High School, and Priest River High School. The activities helped kids  with an interest of science to do hands on things like build filters, talk to the people who worked there, and learned about organisms. They help kids build more education with science to get a better understanding.


The students that went were partnered up with other schools, they were given a task to see who can get the best water filtration material. They used a UI lab overlooking the Coeur ‘d’alene river to clean blue green algae. That got certain tools to either build a cheaper filter or a more expensive filter they used stuff like sand, charcoal, lab pads, and much more. Finally, after they tested their projects, they did a graph to see which was the best. The outcomes stated that they were both good filters and both filtered the same way.


Kati Furin was one of the girls who went on the trip with Brenda. She partnered up with another school to build a more advanced and expensive filter. She said after building it when they tested it. It took 10 minutes to filter the water. After they did the test, they had lunch with the scientist that graduated from University of Idaho.


Then the students went to North Idaho College campus to do two different activities . They looked at microorganisms in water to identify what they were. They could also went with the nurses from Kootenai Medical Center (KMC) to test blood pressure, check heart rate, and take temperature.


In conclusion, Everyone that went on that trip and had a really good time. The activities exposed them to science related fields. They met new people, talked about their water filter systems and discussed what organisms they found. It was a great opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.