Mad Scientist or a duck wrangler?

Calista Needham

Brenda is the science teacher at Lake Pend Oreille High School. Her classes are fun and interesting but also challenging. Typical summer time activities include taking care of her ducks, picking and canning fruit, making  jams, baking pies and desserts and embroidering tea towels that she sells at the Farmers Market.

Brenda has been at this school for five years teaching the Science. She teaches several different aspects of science classes Introduction to Chemistry, Chemistry of Energy and Water Chemistry. In Chemistry of Energy they made multiple types of projects like Rube Goldberg Machines. These are complex machines that do one simple thing. At the end of the year the students she has in her Water Chemistry class go to NIC campus for the Youth Water Summit. There the students present their individual research projects of about water quality issues. This is a great opportunity for students to demonstrate the knowledge they have accumulated over the course of the class.

Brenda also has a few pet ducks which perhaps the word few doesn’t do it justice. Brenda’s secret duck addiction number somewhere over 100. She even has a house duck named Banana who has free range sporting a duck diaper. She has 19 different breeds of ducks, for example, Blue Swedish, Pekin, Mini Appleyards and many more. She’s has owned ducks for almost 13 years. She cares for them everyday. Their care includes feeding them, cleaning up after them and of course hanging out with them. Brenda often says after a hard day at school that she needs to get home for some “duck therapy”. She loves her ducks more than anything well except her family and LPOHS, well for sure her family.

Brenda is a very interesting, kind, sweet and generous. She does a lot for LPO in both time and talent. Her classes are challenging and if students apply themselves they will find they have learned a lot. If she has any doubt, let me tell her how much I appreciate her.