Ethan Dieter

Ever wanted to know what makes a librarian tick. How long has she been working at LPO? She said she has been working here for 13 years. I asked her why she  became a librarian at LPO. She said she started this library from the ground up literally (no pun intended). Books were in piles on the floor. Sandy got a PAFE grant in 2007 to start the library.

Not only does Sandy enjoy being a librarian, she likes working with the LPO students. She likes  working here so much because she has worked at alternative schools before and she likes the atmosphere. I asked why does she like reading so much and she said it was an addiction. She started when she was young going to the bookmobile. What is her favorite book?  Robinson Crusoe.

Even though Sandy has many favorite authors, her favorite  author is Agatha Christie. Loving books, reading and LPO students is the perfect recipe for being a librarian. Prior to coming to LPO, she  worked at the library downtown. She helped them move from the old to the new library. I also asked her what do you like most about being a librarian, and she said she likes hooking people up with good books to read and ones that they will enjoy reading.

Although there are several reasons why Sandy was inspired to come to LPO,   I asked her who inspired her the most. She said the old principal for LPO Rick inspired Sandy to come to LPO. The next question I asked Sandy was how did you know that LPO would be a good school for you to work at and she said that she had used to work at alternative schools before and that she liked the population of the school. Another question I asked Sandy was where she went to school. She said that she went to high school in  Stockton, California.

 Although Sandy likes sports, her favorites are baseball, biking, golfing and tennis. She played on the UC Davis women’s softball team, the golf team and water polo team.  She also played on several intramural teams including a men’s softball team as the pitcher.

Sandy and Brenda rescued two pekin ducks last year.  Brenda named them Sandy and Snoop. She is honored to have a duck named after her.  The next question I asked was what degrees and certifications has. She has her Masters, BA, counseling and vocational counseling.     Another question I asked is what is favorite animal. Her answer, moose. Why? Because she just loves them.

  If she  could travel anywhere, she said that she would go to Scotland, to visit her college roomate. The other question I asked her was who is your favorite band; she said her favorite band is Rush. She likes the drummer Neil Pert. Pink is her  favorite color because Annie Oakley, her favorite childhood character wore pink. Sandy moved to Idaho in 1983 from Redlands, California.

A passion Sandy has since taking water chemistry is issues concerning our water especially about a second rail bridge across the lake.  She is not in favor of a second rail bridge as it could derail and is very risky. Sandy’s passion is this issue and she is on the Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper board as a result.

I learned a lot about Sandy.  I am glad she is at our school.