Family Meetings for the 2018-2019 School Year.

Rylee Turley

What is a family meeting? A family meeting is our version of an assembly where all the advisories get together at least once a month. These meetings consist of special announcements, activities/challenges for the advisory cup, student and staff nominations for student of the month, and discussions of school issues and/or success.


Every family meeting has a theme to go with it like “Determination” or “Kindness.” Usually the staff comes up with a theme each month, but this school year, the pressure is on the advisories! Each advisory has to pick a theme for the family meeting and come up with challenges/activities for the advisory cup, speeches, videos, or anything that represents the theme chosen. And for those who do not know, the advisory cup is this tall, tan cup that the all the advisories compete for and it is commonly filled with lunch detention passes, candy, popcorn and other fun goods!  


Friday, September 21st, 2018, Luke’s advisory had to come up with the theme for the family meeting. They had chosen “Rise Above” as the theme. As a result, the family meeting had consisted of staff nominations for student of the month but there was not enough time for student nominations.Then an inspirational speech from Ceecee Driggers, Nyesha Fleming, and Rylee Turley. The speech was supposed to be followed by a video about “Rise Above,” but due to technical difficulties, the video was not able to play so they had to transition into the advisory cup challenge. The challenge was to create a poster to help each advisory identify obstacles which students need to rise above. Once everyone identified the obstacles, they had asked the students to identify a strength which will help students to rise above our obstacles. Judges walked around as the posters were being created. At the end of the challenge, the judges got together and deliberated until they came up with the results… Brenda’s class for the win!