Spring has Sprung

The culinary teacher, Rand and Randy, the art teacher are working on getting garden beds here at LPO so the culinary students can have fresh vegetables to cook with and so the students can feel like they have done something good for the school. Rand is finding the place where we are going to put them, how much the beds are going to cost, how we are going to grow the plants, what we need to grow all the plants and how much that is going to be.  Randy’s students are going to make art structures that go around the garden beds and make it look nice. There are four girls that have started the project off and now Rand is going to include all of his students.  With this  project rand is trying to incorporate more science and food science into his classes. we got the idea from other school having a gardens. We are going to use the classroom to start the plants then as they grow bigger they are going to be transferred to the greenhouse. We are going to have the garden in the underutilize child care playground. We can start to place the beds and get them ready for the plants to be planted when the snow clears out and the ground isn’t soft and mushy. The goal is to expand out from the cider program.