Forestry class


Brenda has a class of 17 students in her Forestry Class. This is the first time she has taught this subject. They are learning about how many trees are in the area, how to identify them, how to pervent diseases, wind damage, and fires. They are learning about roots, weeds and native plants. They are also learning how to measure them and assess how old they are. They will be going to compete in a Forestry Competition where they will have to know how to scale logs and measure the trees. There will be opportunity for four 18 year olds that will have the chance to work for the Idaho Department of Lands (IDL) for the summer. Other than the Forestry Contest, Brenda’s class will be finding a piece of land to determine what needs to be ¬†done, with relation to ¬†fire or disease. All this is an attempt to help students understand what is needed to create healthy forests.