Chat with Ed



Ed Welch was a mechanical engineer for years before teaching at LPO. When we asked him why he chose LPO, he said it was the only place that would feed him and shelter him after his plane crashed by the gym, 8 years ago in 2009. Ever since 2009 he has been a math parapro, and has helped students one-on-one. One of Eds favorite things to do is fish, to be more exact flyfish. He even knows how to tie flies for fishing. Eds favorite memory at LPO was when he dropped his pencil on the grounded, once he picked his head back up his whole class was gone, he said “still to this day I have not found them.”

Ed’s summer was full of fishing and outdoor adventures, he said he really missed Ashlynn over the summer months. He spent most days out on the river. Eds traveled all over the place. He’s traveled to 6 different countries through his life. He’s been to Canada, Mexico, Belize, Panama, Guatemala, Christmas Island, and even Bonners Ferry. He is a very cheerful guy and brings smiles to everyone’s face. Don’t let his Jim Carrey personality fool you, he is a genius!