Algebra I Syllabus

Algebra I Syllabus

Algebra I Syllabus

Instructor: David Suswal

Email: [email protected]


Course Content Topics


*Numbers and Operations


*Linear Relationships and Basic Functions

*Solving equations

*Elementary Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics

Expectations and Goals

Students are expected to attend class, participate in class discussions, and be respectful to teacher and fellow classmates.  Students are expected to “do their best”.  It is the goal of the instructor to create a safe and comfortable learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in their own math education.



Grades will be determined based on class work (which includes participation), guided practice (work completed in math lab), possibly a project, and exams.

Please use Schoology regularly to check your progress. Be aware of deficiencies you might have, and seek help sooner rather than later!  



The instructor intends to uphold policies as stated in the Student Handbook.  The instructor also reserves the right to adjust seating arrangements, as necessary.  It is the hope of this instructor that students will be able to conduct themselves in a manner that this will not be necessary.