Energy Science

Energy Science

Teacher: Brenda Woodward

Teacher Availability:  2nd period or scheduled time before or after school or during lunch

Contacting Me:  email [email protected] or send a message through Schoology


Energy Science explores the many forms of energy and how we use energy to do work. We will investigate sources of energy and how energy is transformed.  The content of the course will follow Idaho State Science Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.  We will do as many hands-on-activities as our resources and time allow.  Therefore, it is essential that you plan to attend class consistently and be prepared to be an active learner.  


Course Content

We will explore the following BIG IDEAS:  

  • EVERYTHING we do requires energy.
  • Energy is around us in many forms.
  • Energy can change from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.
  • Energy resources are valuable, sometimes limited and something that should be used wisely.
  • Any energy resource has pros and cons associated with its use.




Leaving the Room

Your learning is important.  Please plan to stay in the classroom so that you don’t miss important learning opportunities.  You will have ten passes to use during the quarter.  Please use breaks to use the restroom or get a drink.  Unused passes may be used to “purchase” rewards at the end of the quarter.  Exceptions will be made for those with health concerns.


Food and Drink

We will use substances in this room that are unhealthy to consume.  For your own protection, there can be no food or beverages on the lab benches.  You may have food at your desk as long as it is not a distraction to your learning and you clean up any spills or trash.


Cheating and Plagiarism

Reviewing your work is how I will gage your level of understanding.  It is very important that work with your name on it is your work.  In class there are opportunities to work collaboratively (with others) and independently. During collaborative times you are encouraged to share with others.  Your grade will reflect your contribution to the project.  During independent times you must work alone.  Work that is meant to be done independently, but isn’t, may be redone.


Cell Phones & Electronic Devices

During class time, these need to be off and away, as stated in the student handbook.



Use Schoology regularly to monitor your progress and check for missing work.

  • Journals will be reviewed and graded weekly.
  • Tests, quizzes, and larger assignments will be graded with a percentage based on how many points were earned.  Most of these assignments may be redone for a better grade prior to the end of the grading period.