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Brenda Woodward, Science

Anyone who has a science class, and even those who don’t, probably know our “Quacky” science teacher, Brenda. But, do you truly know her? DId you know her husband was in the navy and operated submarines? Did you know she has over one hundred ducks? Well, for all those who didn’t know that, and even those who do, There is more information you might not have even guessed. Brenda Woodward, wife of a retired navy commander, mother of two children, and lover of ducks. She has been working at this school for about two years. She has a masters degree in chemistry, which took her about 8 years to get. Her hobbies include sewing, gardening, and reading. Brenda loves to take care of her hundred or so ducks. Her two favorite ducks are Lovebug and Banana. She is the president of the Farmer’s Market, and has a stall where she sells jam, baked goods, and duck eggs. She also runs an embroidery business. Embroidery is a decorative stitching on fabric. She had been doing this for a long time, but only started the business 2000, which she worked, and still does, from her home. She embroiders T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, towels, and much more.    Brenda thoroughly enjoys 80’s Rock n’ Roll. When she was a student, she was the classic good girl. Later, before Brenda became a teacher, she washed dishes at Chick-N-Chop, worked for the forest service, and she taught at the University of Washington. The reason she is no longer teaching at the highschool is that she had to move because her husband was relocated. When she was asked how to describe herself, Brenda said this, “ I am a science nerd. I like to work hard at challenging jobs. I enjoy watching other people have fun doing and learning about science.”

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