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Belinda Wilson

Belinda Wilson, Office Manager

Belinda can be your best friend, when you’re having a rough day, or your worst enemy when you’re late or wandering out of class. The wall next to her desk boasts many years of memories here at LPOHS; no one other than Randy has seen as many kids come and go as Belinda. She’s been here for ten years, though she’s not always been chained to her desk; she used to teach a class about listening to yourself, working with yourself and thinking things through.

Belinda had just moved from Colorado, and was consulting at the high school when her friend told her about the job opening here. She said when she first started was so hard, more kids got arrested, and she’s went home in tears most days. On her first day she remembers meeting Will Nelson, who was wearing black head to toe, she waved, but all he did was raise an eyebrow and stare at her. But, Belinda loved working with the kids, so she stuck with us.

When Belinda was in high school she was the kind of person everyone knew about, she was able to connect with a lot of people because she didn’t just stay in one group. She had the ability to relate to something in everyone, just like she does here.  Belinda had straight A’s, was on the Tennis Team, and even managed the Wresting Team. Everyone knew Belinda, even if they didn’t have class with her.   

She originally from Pueblo, Colorado. She is an only child.  Her favorite memories were learning how to play tennis, and dating the boy she really liked.  Belinda loved partying with all of her friends, and toilet papering houses with them; then getting toilet papered back.  Belinda wasn’t that different from all of us, even in her darkest moments. I think that’s why we all feel so safe with her.

She went on to pay for her own college education at Colorado State. When at college she met a girl who convinced her to run for campus council. She won and became President of the dorms. The only downfall was that she had to live in the dorms longer.  She then joined the sorority ΚΑΘ, where she remained an active member until she graduated, which ended up being up a year later than most people.  Belinda was going to major in Biochemistry, until she changed her mind, prolonging her stay by one year.

Belinda has always had an interesting life, and it didn’t end with college. She’s worked with, Nobel Prize Winners, Diplomats, and college professors. She’s had the chance to educate them on how to be the best at what they do, just like she did when she had her own class, and she does on a one-on-one basis with us every day.  

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Belinda Wilson