Leata’s life at LPO

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Have any of you ever noticed that little,cute,elderly lady with the big smile who chills in Randy’s room? Who is she, and why is she here? Well the answers are here. Her name is Leata Judd and she is 88 years old. She has been volunteering at LPOHS for four years going on five. It all started when Leata was making paper mache heads for the parade that were too big for her, so she came to the school to see if they would fit any of the students, and if they would be willing to walk in the 4th of July parade. That is when she met Randy the art teacher. From that point on, she has been coming to the art classes everyday and has become part of the LPO family. Leata also likes to attend other school events like graduation (which she loves) , family meetings, and most of the school activities.

Before Leata volunteered at LPO, she worked with a group called Kaleidascope. Its a group that goes around schools and teaches 3rd and 5th graders artwork. Leata did this for 15 years! Leata now really enjoys working with teenagers, specifically LPO students. Leata raised four kids of her own, three sons and one daughter. Her kids are now grown and living in San Diego and one son in Oregon, and the other lives here in Sandpoint. Her daughter is retired, and her three sons work as a gardener, a plumber and the one who lives in San Diego works at Taylor Guitar, building guitars. Leata also has lots of grandkiddoes.

Recently, Leata has made some pretty cool pottery pieces. She made tribal fish, and a statue called the “three sisters” with tribal print which was named after the Bayview mountains. These are really unique because she made them in honor of her Brother in law, David Crouch who just passed away about two months ago. The pottery piece’s tribal designs came from a picture of fish that David painted.  David Crouch was described as a “very gentle spirit”. He worked as  a technical illustrator for Scripps at the Oceanographic Institute in San Diego. That’s a big deal.

Leata is known for her art here in Sandpoint.  She was  recognized as Pend Oreille Art Council’s art teacher of the year. She was also the Festival at Sandpoint’s poster artist. The frogs that were auctioned off were pieces that she had made herself. They ended up selling for $4,000. You won’t meet a sweeter, more creative lady that’s as artistic or as caring as Leata. She is a blessing to our school.



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