Rube Goldberg


Rube Goldberg is renowned for his cartoons also his inventions. He was also known for his political cartoons, involving the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. His cartoons would describe civilization hanging on the balance of life and death, because of the rising tension of nuclear warfare. Rube had innocent cartoons to reality of destruction of the human race and the world as we knew it, all because of a few men. Rube is well known for his machines, to complete a simple task.

Rube goldberg was famous but also infamous for his various political cartoons. He would receive death threats and various looks by people who saw these cartoons as a great offense to the nation. Rube worried for his children, he had their surname switched from Goldberg to George. Goldberg had a lot of fascination with the reality of humans and how they perceived things from feeling of love or hate or even confusion from different views and perspectives. Rube also did very bizarre drawings also his taste for machines were very strange to people.

Rube was destined to become an engineer but wanted to be an artist so he pushed to become an artist.  He had learned many things from engineering so he used that obtained skill to make very complex machines to complete very simple tasks such as wiping your chin or turning on your lights. His machines would vary from things falling or burning things so various goods around your house would complete such tasks. Many people to this day make various Rube Goldberg machines and his legacy will live on because of this. Rube was renowned for his out of the box thinking and infamous for his various political cartoons also just who he was crafted a very magnetic personality for the time he was alive in.